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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
First appearance Freex #1 (July, 1993)
Created by Gerard Jones
Martin England
In-story information
Alter ego possibly Mary
Team affiliations Academy of the New Elite
Notable aliases Wetware Mary
Abilities Ability to stimulate the pleasure/pain centers of the brain

Contrary was a character from Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. She was created by Gerard Jones and Martin Egeland and first appeared in the series Freex, though she was better known as the founder of Ultraforce.

Though it has never been truly confirmed, it is heavily implied in Freex that the nurse nicknamed "Wetware Mary" (the one responsible for creating the Freex and other superhuman Ultras by injecting babies with nanotechnology) was the same woman who would eventually become Contrary. Both were humans who had access to the advanced technology of the Fire People, and both manipulated people in various ways for their own agendas.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Contrary was first seen (under that name) as leader of the Academy of the New Elite, a small group of teenage Ultras (including Feline and Flygirl) living inside a high-tech base hidden in Mount Shasta. She arranges events so that the Freex (the presumed result of her genetic tampering) would find their way to Mt. Shasta and engage in combat with the Academy trainees, just so she could observe their powers and fighting abilities. When the Freex proved more capable than she thought, they escape, even convincing one of Contrary's Academy students (Cayman) to leave with them. Boomboy, one of the group, stays behind in order to gain an education. Needless to say, Contrary was quite furious at Cayman leaving.

Later, she meets the newest Academy member, Pixx, and encounters Hardcase and Ghoul. They had all independently discovered that the Fire People had stolen nuclear missiles and were planning to "take back" the surface world their ancestors had abandoned millennia ago. The group join together to form Ultraforce, but it was not a seamless fit.

The Ultraforce recruited first Prototype, and then Prime, who fit Contrary's bill perfectly; powerful, young, not too bright, and easily manipulated. Contrary essentially tricked Hardcase into becoming the leader, and the group received official sanction from then-President Bill Clinton. Contrary tried to make peace with the Freex in order to recruit them, but they were uninterested in her offer.

Contrary puts aside her differences when she helps the Freex bury one of their own, Michael Rafani AKA Plug. She offers space at her facility for his grave. During the funeral she also meets the new hero Nightman and ancient warrior known only as the 'Old Man'. When the Old Man asks why she doesn't take the Freex in under the 'wing' of the Ultraforce, Contrary says that she must be quiet about her role as a teacher of young Ultras in order to protect them.

Contrary's mind games cause a jealous Prime to leave the Ultraforce group. However, when the Ultraforce engages in conflict with the Fire People, Prime returns to render his aid. Contrary manages to calm the angry team members, and they implement a new plan; The Fire People agree to a truce, and are allowed ownership of their island kingdom.

Contrary suffers the death of her student Flygirl in the dimension spanning Godwheel incident. Flygirl had been working with Hardcase and doesn't survive a meeting with Lord Pumpkin.[1]

Black September[edit]

In the aftermath of the Black September Event, Contrary was confirmed to no longer exist due to the "Infinity Effect" (the wave of reality-altering energy released when the Black Knight used his sunsword to shatter Nemesis' crown and destroy the Ego Gem). However, it is possible, that much like the Jimmy Ruiz Prototype, she may have been shunted into the merged pocket universe containing both Ultraverse and Marvel Universe elements, such as a Janet Van Dyne whose superhero identity is the Black Widow, an Alec Swan whose nickname is the Black Night, and a Thor who looks more like the Norse interpretations of the character rather than his Marvel Universe counterpart.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Contrary can stimulate the pain and pleasure centers of the brain. She is also highly skilled in the repair and use of Fire People technology, such as her anti-gravity airship.

Appearances in Other Media[edit]

Contrary also appeared in the Ultraforce animated cartoon. She works with heroes such as Prime, Hardcase and Ghoul; they confront villains that include Lord Pumpkin and Rune.


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