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OriginHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
GenresRock, alternative
Years active2000–present
Hand Drawn Dracula
Associated actsWintersleep
Holy Fuck
MembersMike Bigelow
Loel Campbell
Mike MacNeill
Tim D'Eon
Jon Samuel

Contrived is a Canadian indie rock band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal, Quebec. The band consists of Mike Bigelow, Loel Campbell, Mike MacNeill, Tim D'Eon and Jon Samuel. They are signed to Hand Drawn Dracula. Four of the five members are in the Juno Award-winning band Wintersleep, and two are in Juno and Polaris-nominated Holy Fuck.[1] They have released three full-length albums and one EP.


Contrived was formed in June 2000 by McNeil, Campbell and Bigelow.[2] They began performing in the Halifax area, and in 2002 released an album, Pursuit of Plots, on the Dependent label.[3]

Contrived appeared in video for a television pilot in 2003,[4] and became known locally for their highly energetic live shows; they released an EP in 2004.[2]

Their next album, Dead Air Verbatim, was recorded partly in London, Ontario. It included a second guitarist, John Samuel,[5] and was named as 2004's most anticipated release by the !Earshot Campus and Community Radio Report.[6]

In 2008 the group released an album, Blank, Blank, Blank.[7] The songs on this album were in general a less heavy rock sound than the band's previous work.[5][8]

By 2010, the group were performing only occasionally.[5]



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