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Traded as
Industry Home Automation
Founded 2003
Founders Eric Smith, Will West, Mark Morgan
Headquarters Draper, Utah (Salt Lake City mailing address)
Key people
Martin Plaehn, CEO; Mark Novakovich, CFO
Number of employees

Control4 develops smart home automation systems to control lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and other connected devices.[1] The company's 2013 initial public offering was considered to be the 'first pure-play home automation IPO ever.'[2] Control4 is based in Draper, Utah with offices in York, England; Shanghai, China; Bangalore, India and San Jose, CA.[3]


Founded in 2003 by Eric Smith, Will West and Mark Morgan, Control4 debuted at the CEDIA 2004 home technology trade show and released its first products later that year.[4] The company received funding from Foundation Capital, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, Signal Peak Ventures, Frazier Technology Ventures, and Cisco Systems[5] prior to its August 2, 2013 IPO.[2][5] Current CEO Martin Plaehn joined Control4 in September 2011.[6]

Products and services[edit]

Control4’s home automation systems have been likened to an operating system for the home.[7][8] The company develops a branded line of products and services to control home lighting, multi-room audio, and HVAC systems that utilize communication protocols such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave.[9] Control4 also supports more than 8,000 devices[10] from third-party manufacturers, including the Nest smart home thermostat, [11] CoolMasterNet for seamless integration with VRF & Split HVACs,[12] Sonos music system,[13] and products from Sony[14] and Sub-Zero.[15] For example, with Control4, a homeowner could control “the ventilation in his garage, the music streaming to speakers in multiple rooms of his home, every light, the TV, the thermostat, even the Blu-Ray player in the guest house” from an iOS device.[16]

In 2012, Control4 released its Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), which makes products embedded with the code automatically discoverable on a Control4 network.[9] The company licenses the protocol, which is similar to Universal Plug and Play,[17] to other vendors for their products (such as Sony Bravia TVs).[14]

As of January 2015, over 100 developers supported SDDP in more than 500 devices, including Panasonic, Dish Network, Bose, TiVo, Epson, Harman Kardon, Denon, Pioneer, Sony, Sharp, and Yamaha.[9][18]

As of February 2015, Control4 was selling its products through a network of 2,676 North American and 787 international authorized dealers in 88 countries.[19][20] In 2016 the following dealers were honored with 2016 Dealer of the Year Awards[21]:

  • EMEA – Audiotek SARL
  • Spain – Arbona piza
  • France – Futur In Media
  • Portugal – Deritec
  • GCC – Mega Tech
  • Italy – Tesis
  • London – Aonyx
  • Sweden – Hages Radio TV
  • Switzerland – Olvision Sagl
  • Ireland – Cloney Audio
  • Benelux – B&G Audio Video Solutions BV

Additionally, Control4 partners with national homebuilders, including Toll Brothers, to provide optional home automation packages to homebuyers.[22]

Proprietary products[edit]

  • Audio/Video - a line of audio and video distribution products for controlling entertainment throughout a home using a centralized source.[23]
  • Lighting - wireless, programmable lighting control systems, controlled by switches, dimmers, keypads and remote devices.[24]
  • HVAC - smart thermostats, compatible with most HVAC systems worldwide and remotely controllable.[25]
  • Touch screens - touch screens, handheld and stationary, that operate as dedicated interfaces for Control4 systems.[26]
  • Remote controls - Remote controls that enable control of an entire smart home system.[27]
  • Controllers - main device connecting and controlling the entire system.[28]
  • Sensors/Relays - motion and light sensors to automatically initiate actions within the system, like turning on the lights when you enter a room.[29]
  • Cameras - security cameras for video intercoms, or “door stations.”[30]
  • Networking - following the acquisition of Pakedge in March '16


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