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A Controlled Parking Zone or CPZ is a specific type of UK parking restriction that may be applied to a group of roads within the zone. The intended purpose of a CPZ is to reduce the clutter that can arise from erecting several signs that would otherwise convey the same information, such as a common time restriction sign adjacent to all the single yellow lines in the zone. A sign indicating the start of a CPZ typically states that there are parking, loading, weight or other restrictions between certain hours of operation. The CPZ applies to all parking within the zone and within the zone there should be no other road markings, although this point was the subject of a judgement in the Court of Appeal.[1]

UK Sign 663 - start of controlled zone.
Start of controlled zone, with additional loading restriction.
UK Sign 664 - end of controlled zone.
End of controlled zone.


This sign indicates that only local residents can park here during the specified times.

A common use for a CPZ is to allow only residents of an area to park in on-street spaces at certain times of the day, which will be shown on street signs.

Legal status[edit]

Controlled Parking Zones are authorised in statute by Regulation 4 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Act 2002.[2] In 2010 Neil Herron lost a challenge to the legality of a CPZ operated by Sunderland City Council, having claimed that the presence of other road markings within the zone rendered it invalid.[3] He was issued with 55 Penalty Charge Notices for parking offences in the zone and made representations to the parking adjudicator, claiming that the offences did not occur due as the CPZ was not valid.

The case was heard by the Court of Appeal in 2011 whereby the judge upheld the legality of the CPZ operated by Sunderland.[4]

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