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ControllerController 2.jpg
Background information
GenresIndie rock, dance-punk
Years active2002–2006; 2015, 2017
LabelsPaper Bag Records[1]
Label Obscura
Past membersNirmala Basnayake
Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas
Scott Kaija
Ronnie Morris
Jeff Scheven

controller.controller was a Canadian indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band consisted of vocalist Nirmala Basnayake, guitarists Colwyn Llewellyn-Thomas and Scott Kaija, bassist Ronnie Morris and drummer Jeff Scheven. The band took its name from a song by Shotmaker.[2]


The band formed in 2002, and played their first shows using the name The Prefix. Their rhythmic post-punk style had been compared by critics to Joy Division, The Slits and Public Image Ltd.

Their debut album, History, was released on Paper Bag Records in 2004.[3][4] The follow-up album, X-Amounts, was released October 11, 2005.[5][6] Also in 2005, Basnayake participated in Ladeez Quire, an improvisational music show that also featured Sook-Yin Lee and Elisha Lim.[7]

After the release of X-Amounts, the band went on a tour around North America and the UK to support the album.[8][9]

In October 2006 Basnayake decided to leave the band,[10] and this resulted in its disbanding.[8] Members Jeff Scheven and Ronnie Morris formed the new band Lioness with vocalist Vanessa Fischer in 2007,[11] while Scott Kaija formed the new band Medallions with vocalist/guitarist John Hunter, drummer Mick Jackson and Daniel Brooks.[11] Basnayake remained an occasional contributor to one-off musical projects, most notably Toronto band Stop Die Resuscitate's 2009 single "Measurements".[12]

The band reunited in February 2015 for a reunion show at Sneaky Dee's, as part of the 15th anniversary of Toronto's influential Wavelength concert series.[13] Shortly thereafter Morris suffered a disabling stroke.[8][14]


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