Conumber E:P

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Conumber E:P
EP by Squarepusher
Released 1995
Label Spymania
Producer Tom Jenkinson
Squarepusher chronology
Crot EP
Conumber E:P
Alroy Road Tracks

Conumber E:P is the first release by Tom Jenkinson under the alias Squarepusher. The album was pressed as a 12" vinyl, the first release on the Spymania label.

"Conumber", "Eviscerate", and "Male Pill 5" were later released on the Squarepusher compilation Burningn'n Tree. "Eviscerate (Version)" also appears on the album in a truncated form.

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. "Conumber"
  2. "Eviscerate"

Side B

  1. "Male Pill 5"
  2. "213 (Maritime.epsosis)"
  3. "Eviscerate (Version)"
  4. "Spymania Theme"