Conus lizardensis

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Conus lizardensis
Conus lizardensis 1.jpg
Apertural and abapertural views of shell of Conus lizardensis Crosse, H., 1865
Conus lizardensis 2.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Clade: Caenogastropoda
Clade: Hypsogastropoda
Clade: Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Conoidea
Family: Conidae
Genus: Conus
Species: C. lizardensis
Binomial name
Conus lizardensis
Crosse, 1865
  • Conus (Eremiconus) lizardensis Crosse, 1865 · accepted, alternate representation
  • Conus sibogae Schepman, 1913
  • Conus (Asperi) mucronatus sibogae Schepman, M.M. 1913
  • Eremiconus lizardensis (Crosse, 1865)
  • Phasmoconus lizardensis (Crosse, 1865)

Conus lizardensis, common name the Siboga cone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies.[1]

Like all species within the genus Conus, these snails are predatory and venomous. They are capable of "stinging" humans, therefore live ones should be handled carefully or not at all.

This species was named after Lizard Island, NE Australia.


Conus lizardensis is part of a species complex including C. albellus, C. limpusi and C. colmani, that needs re-evaluation. For conservation implications, all are here tentatively listed as distinct. The size of the shell varies between 25 mm and 55 mm. It shows a twofold character of the spiral ridges and strong raised lines of increment. The top of the volutions have a fine sculpture.[2]


This marine species occurs off Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia).


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