Convenient Food Mart

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Convenient Food Mart
IndustryRetail (Convenience stores)
FoundedChicago, Illinois (1958)
HeadquartersMentor, Ohio, U.S.
Productsgrocery, soft drinks, prepared foods

Convenient Food Mart (CFM) is a chain of convenience stores in the United States. The private company's headquarters are located in Mentor, Ohio, and there are currently approximately 325 stores located in the US.[1] Convenient Food Mart operates on the franchise system.

Convenient Food Mart was the nation's third-largest chain of convenience stores as of 1988.[2] The NASDAQ exchange dropped Convenient Food Mart the same year when the company failed to meet financial reporting requirements.[2]

Carden & Cherry advertised Convenient Food Mart with the Ernest character in the 1980s.


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