Convention on the Recognition of Registered Partnerships

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Convention on the recognition of registered partnerships
Signed 5 September 2007
Location Munich
Effective not effective
Condition 2 ratifications
Signatories Portugal and Spain
Ratifiers Spain
Depositary Swiss Federal Council
Language French

The Convention on the recognition of registered partnerships (French: Convention sur la reconnaissance des partenariats enregistrés) is a multilateral convention, drafted by the International Commission on Civil Status which provides the acceptance in other countries of any form of registered partnership, which is not a marriage[1] Parties to the convention should recognize the partnership, as well as the consequenses regarding name change not only towards other state parties, but with regards to partnerships in any state. The partnership can be between partners of the same or of opposite sex.


State parties can make reservations regarding

  • applicability to persons of the opposite sex
  • acceptance of partnerships of any state (rather than states parties to the treaty)
  • the consequences regarding name changes

Member states and signatories[edit]

The convention has been ratified only by Spain and has been signed only by Spain and Portugal. Having not been ratified by two states, it therefore has not entered into force.

Country Date of Signature Date of Ratification comment
Portugal 1 October 2008
Spain 23 July 2009 4 August 2010

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