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Conversion or convert may refer to:

Economy and finance[edit]


  • Conversion (law), a voluntary act by one person inconsistent with the ownership rights of another
  • Equitable conversion, a change in the nature of property so that real property is treated as personal property

Science and technology[edit]



  • CHS conversion, mapping cylinder/head/sector tuples to linear base address
  • Data conversion, conversion of computer data from one format to another
  • Type conversion, in computer science, changing an entity of one data type into another
  • convert (command), a command-line utility in the Windows NT operating system


  • Conversion (gridiron football), in American or Canadian football an opportunity to score an addition point following a touchdown
  • Conversion (rugby), in rugby, a kick at goal to convert a try into a larger set of points
  • Athletics (track and field), an estimate of what a performance which has been measured in one system of measurements would have been if it had been measured in the other system.


Marketing and e-commerce[edit]


  • Code conversion, in telecommunication converting from one code to another
  • Transcoding, analog-to-analog or digital-to-digital conversion of one video encoding to another

Other uses[edit]

  • Conversion (barn), conversion of old farming barns to commercial or residential use
  • Conversion (logic), in logic, reversing the two parts of a categorical or implicational statement
  • Religious conversion, the adoption of a new religious identity
  • Conversion disorder, in psychiatry, a condition in which neurological symptoms arise without a definable organic cause
  • Conversion therapy, pseudo-scientific treatments to eliminate or diminish same-sex desires and behaviors
  • Miniature conversion, altering the appearance of a miniature or model from the standard version
  • Converting timber to commercial lumber

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