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GE Power Conversion
Industry Electrical engineering
Predecessor Converteam (2011)
Founded 10 November 2005
Headquarters Paris, Île-de-France, France
Number of locations
14 countries
Area served
Key people
Azeez Mohammed
Products VFDs, Electric generators and induction motors
Number of employees
Divisions 4

GE Power Conversion is an electrical engineering company and is a subsidiary of General Electric.


In 1989 parts of the British General Electric Company plc merged with parts of Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (now Alcatel-Lucent) forming CEGELEC (part of GEC Alsthom), in the same year, a subsidiary of the German Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) had merged with the American Westinghouse Drive Systems.[dubious ][citation needed][improper synthesis?] In 1995, these two groupings merged to form CEGELEC Industrial Systems Group. In 1999, it changed its name to Alstom Power & Conversion, then on 10 November 2005, it became a separate company from Alstom.

On 29 March 2011 it was announced that a 90% stake in Converteam was to be bought by GE Energy for $3.2 billion.[2] This deal was completed on 2 September 2011

Company structure and operations[edit]

It has five divisions:

  • Converteam SAS in France
  • Converteam GmbH in Germany (based in Berlin)
  • Converteam UK Ltd in the United Kingdom (based in Rugby)
  • Converteam UK Ltd in the United Kingdom (based in Kidsgrove)***
  • Converteam Inc. in the USA (based in Pittsburgh)

The company also operates the 'Engineering Development Center' in India, and has subsidiaries in BRIC countries: Converteam Brazil and Converteam China


The product range is comprehensive. Drives for Low Voltage as well as Medium Voltage applications are available with complete industry specific customised solution. It makes electrical motors (induction and synchronous) and generators. These are often found in fossil fuel power stations .{Citation needed|date=July 2014}. Along with this the company provides Vessel Automation System, Dynamic Positioning system for Ships. The products are known for high operational efficiency and longevity. The company not only provides the products but the consultancy services and installation.

Electric ship propulsion

It produced the induction motors for HMS Daring (commissioned July 2009) controlled by variable-frequency drives, and its 20MW generators{Dubious}{Needs citation - value incorrect} . This technology has also been installed on LNG carriers, as well as the French Mistral-class amphibious assault ships. This technology will be used for the Royal Navy's Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and the other Type 45 destroyers.[citation needed] The company is also developing an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System for the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers.[citation needed]{Dubious}{Needs citation - project discontinued}


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