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The Convertors were a line of action figures manufactured by Select in the 1980s.

Often compared to the more famous Gobots and Transformers, the Convertors were a line of toys which came out at about the same time and featured robots who changed form.


The Convertors licensed some of their toy designs from Bandai just as was done for the Transformers, meaning some of the toys looked very similar.[1][2] The molds for Convertors were later knocked off by other toy companies.[3] Convertors toys were featured in a display in the 1985 J. C. Penney Christmas catalog.[4]


The Convertors toys featured the conflict between heroic and evil factions, in this case the heroic Defendors (and their Avarian allies) and the evil Maladroids (and their Insectors allies).[5]


Convertors toys Zark and Rex

Various toys were released in different size classes and price points for the Convertors line,[6] unlike Transformers which would not do such until the release of Transformers: Beast Wars in 1995.



Standard Defenders
Motorized Defenders
  • Argonaut - boat
  • Atlantis - boat
  • Cpt. Nemo - boat
  • Neptune - boat
Super Defenders
  • D.A. Tona - white car
  • Indy- blue and white car - similar to Chō Kōsoku Galvion
  • Monty Carlo - blue car
  • X - red car
Jumbo Defenders
  • Bull - red bulldozer



Standard Maladroids
Mini-Motorized Maladroids
  • Meeshak - grey jet
  • Mooriah - white jet
  • Turak - blue jet
  • Volcan - red jet

On display[edit]

Sunyak at the Pop Century

One of the hotels in Walt Disney World is called Disney's Pop Century Resort, which has different buildings from different decades of the later half of the 1900s. In the lobby are a series of shadow boxes with memorabilia from each decade. In one from the 1980s are various items including a Convertors Sunyak robot.


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