Convict City Roller Derby League

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Convict City Roller Derby League
League logo
Metro area Hobart, Tasmania
Country Australia
Founded 2009
Teams The Convicts (Travel Team)
Deadly Nightslays
Femmes Brutale
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Aurora Sports Stadium, Clarence Sports Centre and Woody's Skate & Play
Org. type Not for profit

Convict City Roller Derby League (CCR) is a Roller Derby League based in Hobart, Tasmania. It was Tasmania's second league, being incorporated late in 2009.[1]


The Convicts first public bout (Called Inaugural Brawl) came courtesy of Van Diemen Rollers in late 2010,[2] where they were soundly defeated by the Diemens.

Ballarat's Rat Pack take on The Convicts in November 2010.

Convict City Rollers had their first interstate interleague bout on November, 2010, when Ballarat Roller Derby League ("The Rat Pack") travelled to Tasmania to take them on.[3][4] Ballarat won by a convincing 213 points to 56.[5]

Through 2011, Convict City has been involved in a 3 way tournament titled Queens of the Skate Age with Tasmania's two other Leagues, the South Island Sirens and Van Diemen Rollers. Convict City and Van Diemens Rollers have advanced to the finals[6]

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