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Jump to navigation Jump to search was originally Convore, a real-time chat web application created by co-founders Eric Florenzano, Leah Culver, and Eric Maguire.[1] The founders were funded by Y Combinator in 2011.[2]

PC World said "It works as a news aggregate as well as a question/answer forum for its myriad of topics";[3] according to MIT Technology Review, it had "the polish and responsiveness that most new sites of its ilk lack."[4]

In January 2012, Convore pivoted into, with a focus on providing services for businesses, and touting as a core feature that it was based on IRC.[5] The imminent closure of the Convore service was announced on their own website and on Twitter in February.[6][7]

In October 2016, announced that they were closing down, and recommended users to use Slack as a replacement.[8]


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