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Cook's Handbook to Norway and Denmark, 1907

Cook's Tourists' Handbooks were a series of travel guide books for tourists published in the 19th-20th centuries by Thomas Cook & Son of London. The firm's founder, Thomas Cook, produced his first handbook to England the 1840s, later expanding to Europe, Near East, North Africa, and beyond. Compared with other guides such as Murray's, Cook's aimed at "a broader and less sophisticated middle-class audience."[1] The books served to advertise Cook's larger business of organizing travel tours.[1] The series continues today as Traveller Guides issued by Thomas Cook Publishing of Peterborough, England.[2]

List of Cook's travel guides by geographic coverage[edit]


  • Cook's Tourist's Handbook for Holland, Belgium, and the Rhine, London: T. Cook & Son, 1874
  • Traveller's Handbook for Belgium and the Ardennes, London: T. Cook & Son, 1911




Great Britain[edit]




New Zealand[edit]

North Africa[edit]

Palestine and Syria[edit]

  • Cook's Tourists' Handbook to Palestine and Syria 1876 edition





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