Cook Islands Member of Parliament reduction referendum, 2010

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A referendum on reducing the number of MPs was held in the Cook Islands on 17 November 2010, alongside the general elections.[1] It failed at the ballot.


The binding referendum required a two-thirds majority to pass.[2] However, it was unsuccessful, receiving only 4,983 votes and 59.2% support (of all votes, 63.8% of valid votes).[3] Abstention was rather high, with 623 votes or 7.4% blank or invalid.[4]


According to a poll published by the Cook Islands News on 11 September 2010, 76% of respondents supported the referendum proposal.[5] A number of politicians publicly stated their support for the referendum proposal, including Democratic Party Leader Robert Wigmore and Cook Islands Party deputy leader Teina Bishop.[6]


Cook Islands Member of Parliament reduction referendum, 2010[4]
Choice Votes  %
Referendum failed No 2,822 36.20
Yes 4,983 63.80
Required majority 66.67
Valid votes 7,795 92.60
Invalid or blank votes 623 7.40
Total votes 8,418 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 10,500 78.00


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