Cook Islands parliamentary term referendum, 2004

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A referendum on reducing the term length of Parliament from five to four years was held in the Cook Islands on 7 September 2004.[1] It followed a referendum on the same subject in 1999 that was approved by a majority of voters, but not the two-thirds required to be passed.[2] The proposal would amend article 37 of the constitution, which at the time read "The Queen's Representative shall dissolve Parliament at the expiration of 5 years from the date of the last preceding general election, if it has not sooner been dissolved."[1] The change was approved by 82.27% of voters, passing the two-thirds threshold.[1]


Choice Votes %
For 6,079 82.27
Against 1,310 17.73
Invalid/blank votes 532
Total 7,912 100
Registered voters/turnout 9,712 81.55
Source: Direct Democracy