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Cookie Jar Toons/This Is for Kids
Type Weekday morning cartoon block/Weekend morning children's program block
Country United States
Availability Nationwide, though not in every market
Owner Cookie Jar Group (2008-2012)
DHX Media (2012-2013)
Launch date
November 1, 2008
Dissolved October 31, 2013
Affiliation This TV
Replaced by Unbranded E/I programming

Cookie Jar Toons (also known as This Is for Kids) was a daily and weekend children's programming block on the This TV digital broadcast network when that network was partially owned by Weigel Broadcasting. The block was programmed by Halifax-based DHX Media (previously Cookie Jar Entertainment).[1][2] The block used the name "Cookie Jar Toons" for E/I programs, and the name "This Is for Kids" for non-E/I programs. Many of the cartoons broadcast on the block were Cookie Jar archive programs from predecessors DiC and Cinar, though some (i.e.: Mona the Vampire) had never been seen in the US before; other programs (like Sonic Underground) were previously seen on other US networks.

On November 1, 2013, Tribune Broadcasting took over Weigel's half-ownership of This TV, and the weekday lineup was replaced with more airings of films, while the weekend block was reduced to Sundays and the bare three-hour minimum required to meet E/I guidelines without any non-E/I content, replaced with double airings of three series from Bellum Entertainment; Animal Atlas, Zoo Clues, and On the Spot, which have no specific branding or continuity.


Former programming[edit]

E/I Indicates program features content in line with FCC E/I programming guidelines.

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