Cookie and Bibi 3

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Cookie and Bibi 3
Cookie and Bibi 3.png
Developer(s) Semicom
Publisher(s) Semicom
Platform(s) Arcade
Release 1997
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Cookie and Bibi 3 is a clone of the Puzzle Bobble series developed by Semicom in 1997. In this game, the player controls a cannon which shoots different sorts of bricks, each one representing some sort of food. If at least 3 bricks of the same kind are put in contact with one another, they explode and the player gains points. To clear a stage and go to the next one, the player has to destroy every brick present at the beginning before they accumulate to a certain state. The game has several game modes : The main game is playable with one or two players helping each other ; a versus game mode is also available. This game has two prequels: Cookie and Bibi and Cookie and Bibi 2.

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