Cookie bouquet

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A cookie bouquet

A cookie bouquet is a bouquet of cookies that has been arranged in a container, similar to a flower bouquet. It is typical for cookie bouquets to be given as gifts or presented for decor purposes.

The cookies may be designed to resemble flowers or items in a thematic bouquet, such as smiley faces for a "Get Well" bouquet or champagne flutes and balloons for centerpieces at a New Year's Eve party.

Each cookie in a bouquet is wrapped with cellophane or a clear plastic bag. The bouquet is often decorated with ribbons or raffia. A small gift, such as a Teddy bear, is sometimes added.

Containers for cookie bouquets include mugs, watering cans, boxes, jars, and just about anything that fits the theme and will not tip over under the top heavy cookies on dowels.