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A cookie bouquet is a bouquet of cookies that has been arranged in a decorative container, similar to a flower bouquet.

Dinene Clark created the original cookie bouquet from her first commercial kitchen in Columbus, Ohio in 1983, establishing the original cookie bouquet company. In 1995 She started that allowed the [null cookie bouquet] to become a mainstream gifting option. Cookie Bouquets was featured in a women Entrepreneur magazine that sited Cookie bouquets as a hot new trend for the internet.

Cookies used in cookie bouquets are usually decorated around a specific theme, such as "Get Well," or "New Baby," with cookies in the shape of flowers, children's toys, animals, vehicles—almost anything can be re-imagined and designed as a cookie for a bouquet.

Each cookie in a bouquet is usually individually shrink-wrapped and may include decorative tissue, raffia, ribbons, and/or cellophane. Additionally other popular gift items, such as a teddy bear, chocolate, and greeting cards, may be integrated into the bouquet's design. Cookie bouquets are usually made of sugar cookies, though other varieties may be offered.

Containers for cookie bouquets include mugs, specialized packaging, watering cans, boxes, jars—almost anything that fits the bouquet's theme while supporting the weight of the cookie bouquet.

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