Cookies and cream

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Cookies and cream
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Cookies and cream ice cream
Alternative namesCookies 'n cream, cookies 'n creme
TypeIce cream and milkshake
Main ingredientsIce cream (usually vanilla), chocolate cookies (usually sandwich cookies or similar)

Cookies and cream (or cookies 'n cream) is a variety of ice cream and milkshake based on flavoring from chocolate sandwich cookies, with the most popular version containing hand or pre-crumbled cookies from Nabisco's Oreo brand under a licensing agreement. Cookies and cream ice cream generally mixes in crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies into vanilla ice cream, though variations exist which might instead use chocolate, coffee or mint ice cream.


There is some debate as to who first invented and marketed cookies and cream ice cream.

  • Jeffrey Cornelison, of Colorado Springs, was the first to mix the Oreo cookies into the vanilla ice cream, which caught the attention of SDSU’s dairy team in 1974.
  • South Dakota State University claims the flavor was invented at the university's dairy plant in 1979[1]
  • In 1980, Grace McLees developed the flavor of Oreo Cream at Pop's Frozen Custard in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. In 1981, the flavor name would be changed to Cookies & Cream after notice was received from Nabisco. The single-location, Wisconsin-based, custard stand also held the Guinness Book world record for fastest consumption of a 100-foot banana split in the same time period.[citation needed]
  • In a 2005 press release, Blue Bell Creameries claimed they were the first company to mass-produce the flavor, in 1980.[2] In 2006, The New York Times reported that Blue Bell made "no claim to have invented it but certainly pioneered the flavor."[3] However, as of 2020, the company's website proclaimed, "We were first to create this innovative flavor."[4] Blue Bell Creameries applied to register the trademark "Cookies 'n Cream" in 1981.[5]
  • John Harrison, the official taster for Dreyer's/Edy's Ice Cream, claims he invented it first for the company in 1982[6][7]
  • Another claimant is Steve Herrell of Massachusetts' Herrell's Ice Cream[8]

In 1983, cookies and cream became one of the top five best-selling flavors of ice cream.[9]


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