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CoolBrands is an annual initiative to identify the UK's coolest brands. The list has been compiled annually since 2001; the results are published every September. The survey seeks the opinion of independent experts and thousands of consumers.

Cool brands[edit]

According to CoolBrands the coolest brands were:

Rank 2008 [1] 2009 [2] 2010 [3] 2011 [4] 2012 [5] 2013 [6]
1 Aston Martin iPhone Aston Martin Aston Martin Apple Apple
2 iPhone Aston Martin iPhone Apple YouTube Aston Martin
3 Apple Apple iPad Harley-Davidson Aston Martin Rolex
4 Bang & Olufsen iPod BlackBerry Rolex Twitter Nike
5 YouTube Nintendo Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen Google Glastonbury
6 Google YouTube Harley-Davidson BlackBerry BBC iPlayer YouTube
7 Nintendo BlackBerry Nintendo Google Glastonbury Google
8 Agent Provocateur Google Google Ferrari Virgin Atlantic Twitter
9 Rolex Bang & Olufsen Ferrari Nike Bang & Olufsen Virgin
10 Tate Modern PlayStation Dom Perignon YouTube Liberty Ray-Ban
11 Dom Perignon Xbox BBC iPlayer Alexander McQueen Sony Mercedes-Benz
12 Virgin Tate Modern Vivienne Westwood Dom Perignon Bose Bang & Olufsen
13 Ferrari Dom Perignon Apple PlayStation Haagen-Dazs Chanel
14 Ducati Virgin Tate Modern Ray-Ban Selfridges Prada
15 PlayStation Ferrari YouTube Chanel Ben & Jerry's Adidas
16 Sony Sony MINI Nintendo Mercedes-Benz BBC
17 Nike MINI Chanel Vivienne Westwood Vogue Sony
18 Bose Vivienne Westwood Ray-Ban Agent Provocateur Skype Song Music Entertainment
19 Facebook Rolex Alexander McQueen Tate Modern Nike Alexander McQueen
20 Lamborghini BBC Jimmy Choo Maserati Nikon Spotify

Super brands[edit]

SuperBrands commissions independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands, as voted for by marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of British consumers.

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