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Developer(s) ByteCool Software
Stable release
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Text to speech
License Proprietary Shareware

CoolSpeech is an award-winning[1] proprietary text-to-speech program for Microsoft Windows, developed by ByteCool Software. It controls text-to-speech engines compliant with Microsoft Speech API to fetch and read aloud text from a variety of sources, including websites, email accounts, local text documents (.txt, .rtf, .htm/html), the Windows Clipboard, keyboard input from anywhere in Windows, and the current date and time. It can also bookmark a text source to be read aloud periodically or on-demand.


  • Listen to online news from any URL specified by the user.
  • Read local text files, rich-text files and HTML files aloud.
  • Convert a given piece of text into a spoken wave file (.wav).
  • Listen to new messages from POP3 email accounts specified by the user.
  • Listen to every word or sentence the user has just typed anywhere in Windows.
  • Listen to text copied to the Windows Clipboard immediately.
  • Schedule files, URLs and emails to be read aloud.
  • Tell the current time and the date in different styles.
  • Support all Microsoft Speech API 4.0-compliant voices.


  • ZDNet "Hot File of the Day" on June 6, 2001.[1]
  • MSN "Featured Download" on February 19, 2002.[1]
  • SmartComputing magazine's "November 2001 Smart Choice Award".[2]

Sister product[edit]

CoolSpeech has a sister product TextSound,[3] which specializes in enhanced capabilities to batch convert text files into audio files, for users who need to produce spoken audio files in large volumes.

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