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Cool Beans World is a, now-defunct, subscription website which published animated or partially animated webcomics. It was conceived by Cool Beans Productions, a design, animation and production company based in Sheffield, England.[1] Contributors included, amongst others, UK-based comic book creators Pat Mills, Simon Bisley, John Bolton and Kevin O'Neill, and the author Clive Barker.[2] Serialised content included Scarlet Traces and Marshal Law.

After a high profile publicity campaign including extensive print advertising, the website was launched in 2001. It won Internet Magazine's "Site of the Month" award in October 2001.[3]

When Cool Beans Productions went into administrative receivership in May 2002, Cool Beans World ceased operation.[1] As of 2016, its domain is untenanted.

Comics included: Dark Frankenstein, Marshall Law, Scarlet Traces, Kingdom of the Wicked, The Yattering & Jack, Someplace Strange, Bone'Ed.
CG short films: Saintly, Marshall Law


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