Cool Cool Jam

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Cool Cool Jam
Cool Cool Jam cover.jpg
Developer(s)SNK Corporation
Platform(s)Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • JP: August 10, 2000
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Cool Cool Jam is a rhythm video game which appeared on the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 2000. Cool Cool Jam is comparable in gameplay to other rhythm games such as: PaRappa the Rapper, Donkey Konga or Beatmania.


The storyline involves a boy and a girl who are transported 1,000 years into the future. To return home they must form a successful and popular music band.

Bass Guitar Stage


The game can be played by one or two players. In two player mode the game plays like a duet; the players take it in turn to play tune and receive a message after completion. The game also features a single player storymode which has adventure game elements. Various instruments can be played in the game. Each instrument has a different playing style. The instruments include:

Clapping to a beat - a bar moves across the screen the player taps a button when they see a red dot. If successful the dot glows.

Violin - The player taps either the A or B when a red light (button A) or a green light (button B) appears. The power can be altered by moving the joystick up and down.

Bluesharp - The player moves the joystick to coincide with the position of the lights. The player then pushes A or B depending whether a red or green light appears.

Guitar - The player pushes A or B to play the strings and the joystick controls the pick.

Saxophone - The player moves the joystick and the buttons to control the pitch as the symbols appear on screen.

Trumpet - The player moves the joystick in four directions to change the pitch to coincide with the coloured symbols. The player then pushes A or B when the marker appears. A bar indicates air pressure.

Guitar 2 - Plays the same as the previous Guitar game only upside down.

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