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Cool Water is a perfume introduced in 1988 by Davidoff, now a part of Coty Prestige.[1]


Lost star Josh Holloway, Paul Walker and Scott Eastwood are notable actors who appeared in Cool Water promotional material,[2] featuring in a number of television commercials and posters for Davidoff Cool Water in 2008.


The perfumer is Pierre Bourdon.[3] Cool Water contains Mint, Sea Water, Rosemary as top notes, lavender, jasmine, geranium and naroli as heart notes, as well as oakmoss, musk and sandalwood as basenotes.[4]

List of Product line[edit]

Davidoff has released numerous editions of the original Cool Water perfume:

  • 1997: Cool Water Woman[5]
  • 2002: Cool Water Energizing Cologne (limited edition)[6]
  • 2004: Cool Water Frozen (limited edition)
  • 2004: Cool Water Deep
  • 2005: Cool Water Sea, Scents and Sun (limited edition)
  • 2005: Cool Water Deep Sea, Scents and Sun (limited edition)
  • 2006: Cool Water Summer Fizz (limited edition)
  • 2006: Cool Water Game
  • 2007: Cool Water Wave (limited edition) only available for women
  • 2007: Cool Water Happy Summer (limited edition)
  • 2007: Cool Water Game Happy Summer (limited edition)
  • 2008: Cool Water Freeze Me (limited edition)
  • 2009: Cool Water Cool Summer (limited edition)[7]
  • 2010: Cool Water Ice Fresh (limited edition)[8]
  • 2011: Cool Water Summer Dive (limited edition)[9]
  • 2012: Cool Water Pure Pacific (limited edition)[10]
  • 2013: Cool Water Into the Ocean (limited edition)[11]
  • 2014: Cool Water Coral Reef (limited edition)[12]
  • 2014: Cool Water Night Dive[13]
  • 2015: Cool Water Summer Seas (limited edition)[14]
  • 2016: Cool Water Exotic Summer (limited edition) [15]
  • 2016: Cool Water Ocean Extreme (limited edition)[16]
  • 2017: Cool Water Pacific (limited edition)[17]
  • 2017: Cool Water Wave[18]


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