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Coolroom Ltd
Limited company
Industry Entertainment
Founded 2006
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom
Services Multimedia digital entertainment download store

Coolroom is a UK digital download store offering films and music to own and rent. It is accessible online and as a bespoke IPTV channel on Microsoft's Windows Media Center available on laptops, desktops and home entertainment PCs. Users can preview cinema releases and download full feature films and music.

Coolroom has been highlighted as one of the few legal download services currently available in the UK [1]. Coolroom enables users to download premium film and music content and securely access it wirelessly within their home network with Intel Viiv enabled devices as well as on Xbox 360. Downloaded films and music can also be played on portable video and mp3 players [2].

3D Coolroom[edit]

Coolroom offers users a 3D virtual environment, styled around a loft apartment. Different areas allow users to preview additional clips and cast interviews and upload personal content including music and pictures which can then be played and displayed in the apartment. In the current version users can also personalise the apartment and there are suggestions it is moving towards social networking where users will be able to invite friends into their Coolroom.


Coolroom has been named in the "Britain's Digital Elite" awards sponsored by Real Business magazine and Microsoft. The service was highly commended in the "Taking on the Big Guys" category [3].


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