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Coon may refer to:

  • Coon, a diminutive of raccoon
  • Coon, an alternative name for Maine Coon, a breed of domestic cat
  • Coön (Κόων, Κόωνος), a Trojan warrior who during the Trojan War wounded Agamemnon
  • Coon cheese, a cheddar cheese produced by the National Foods company in Australia
  • Coon Carnival, a yearly minstrel festival in Cape Town, South Africa
  • "The Coon", a 2009 episode of U.S. animated series South Park
  • Coon, a racial slur, used pejoratively to refer to a Black person - especially an African-American or Australian Aboriginal - who panders to their supposed oppressors.
  • Coon Chicken Inn
  • Coon, common name of the butterfly Astictopterus jama
  • Coon, common name of the butterfly Psolos fuligo

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