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Industry Retailing
Founded 1891
Headquarters Velp[1], Netherlands
Number of locations
Increase 242 (2015)[2]
Area served
Products Supermarkets
Revenue €975 million (2013)[1]
Subsidiaries See below

Coop Supermarkten is a supermarket chain founded in 1891 in Zaandam, Netherlands.[3] It is named after the cooperative aspects of the company. In 2001, the company merged with wholesale purchaser Codis to form CoopCodis.[3] In 2009, the name was changed again, from CoopCodis to Coop Supermarkten. Coop Supermarkten takes part in the Dutch wholesale purchasing cooperative Superunie.

In the last few years, the company launched a new type of store called Supercoop: these large stores are placed in areas where there is usually a lot of competition from other chains and they are seen as a response to the Dutch price war among supermarkets[citation needed]. With these new stores, the colors that the chain used were gradually changed from red and blue to orange, red and grey. The (new) logo is the store brand (Coop, Supercoop, or CoopCompact) in orange with a big red striking arc under it.

Their market share in 2013 was around 2.8 percent.[1]

The company has a customer loyalty card, called "Coop Klantenkaart" in Dutch.[4]

Store brands[edit]

Coop Supermarkten is a cooperation of 242 supermarkets (on 2015-01-01):[2]

  • 36 price-aggressive large supermarkets under the name Supercoop,[1] usually located in populated areas with a lot of competition[citation needed].
  • 60 smaller supermarkets under the name CoopCompact.[5]
  • Over 140 normal stores under the name Coop.[6] A bit more expensive than their big brothers, these are usually located in rural areas where there is not a lot of competition[citation needed].
  • Several other stores, operated by franchisers under a different name (not using one of the Coop store formats).

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