Cooper Island (British Virgin Islands)

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Cooper Island.
For the Island in South Georgia, see Cooper Island.
For the islet in the US Minor Outlying Islands, see Palmyra Atoll.

Cooper Island 18°23′09″N 64°30′42″W / 18.3859°N 64.5118°W / 18.3859; -64.5118Coordinates: 18°23′09″N 64°30′42″W / 18.3859°N 64.5118°W / 18.3859; -64.5118 is a small island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. There are five privately owned properties on the island, plus a small beach club resort.

The island lies adjacent to "wreck alley", a popular wreck diving site in the British Virgin Islands where a number of vessels have been deliberately sunk as dive sites. A local dive store near the beach club rents tanks to certified scuba divers.

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