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The Cooperative Action to Build Haiti (KONBA, aka "Working Together to Build Haiti", Haitian Creole: Konbite pou Bati Ayiti / French: Coumbite pour Reconstruire Haïti) is a political party in Haiti.[1][2] The party was formerly led by Evans Lescouflair,[1] followed by Carlo Clement and then Jean Williams Jeanty as Secretary-General.[3]

In the 2006 elections for the Chamber of Deputies, the party won three out of the ninety-nine seats.[4] In the 2009 special elections, KONBA won one seat in the Chamber of Deputies,[2] and the Senate seat for Nippes.[3] During the 48th parliamentary term, the representatives of KONBA in the Chamber of Deputies formed an alliance with the OPL bloc, and as a result, Lescouflair received the post as Minister of Youth, Sport, and Civil Action in the Alexis, Pierre-Louis[5] and Bellerive governments.[3]

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