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South Australia
Coorabie is located in South Australia
Coordinates 31°54′03″S 132°17′44″E / 31.9007°S 132.2956°E / -31.9007; 132.2956Coordinates: 31°54′03″S 132°17′44″E / 31.9007°S 132.2956°E / -31.9007; 132.2956
Population 343 (shared with other localities in the 'State Suburb of Penong') (2011 census)[1][a]
Established 1915[2]
Postcode(s) 5690[3]
LGA(s) Pastoral Unincorporated Area
Region Eyre Western[4]
County Hopetoun[2]
State electorate(s) Flinders[5]
Federal Division(s) Grey[6]
Mean max temp[7] Mean min temp[7] Annual rainfall[7]
21.5 °C
71 °F
12.3 °C
54 °F
300.2 mm
11.8 in
Localities around Coorabie:
Yalata Yalata Yalata
Great Australian Bight Coorabie Yalata
Fowlers Bay
Great Australian Bight Great Australian Bight Fowlers Bay
Footnotes Location[3]
Adjoining localities[8]

Coorabie is a settlement in South Australia.[9] It is outside of district council boundaries, and therefore managed by the Outback Communities Authority. It is located in the west of South Australia, and includes the Wahgunyah Conservation Park. The Eyre Highway passes through the locality, although the Coorabie settlement is south of the highway.

Construction of helicopter landing facilities began in 2015, to serve the BP/Statoil oil exploration project in the Great Australian Bight.[10]


  1. ^ For the 2011 census, the ‘State Suburb of Penong’ consisted of localities extending along the west coast of South Australia from near Ceduna in the east to the border with Western Australia in the west
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