Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción de Desastres

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Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción de Desastres (CONRED)
Logo de CONRED.jpg
Agency overview
Formed November 11, 1996
Preceding agency
  • Comité Nacional de Emergencia (CONE)
Jurisdiction Government of Guatemala
Headquarters Avenida Hincapié 21-72, Zona 13, Guatemala City
Annual budget Q. 42 million
Agency executives
  • Alejandro Maldonado, Executive Secretary
  • Fernando Muñiz, Executive Undersecretary

The National Coordination for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (in Spanish: Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción de Desastres (CONRED)) is an entity created to prevent disasters or reduce their impact on society, and coordinate disaster relief efforts.[1] [2] Day-to-day management is carried out by the Executive Secretariat of CONRED, also known as SE-CONRED.

CONRED is responsible for asserting potential hazards, impending or actual disasters based on information provided by the National Institute for Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (INSIVUMEH), and for declaring states of alert. Once a disaster has been declared, it is responsible for the coordination of cross-sectoral disaster relief efforts.[1][2]

CONRED is part of a Central American network of governmental disaster relief agencies known as the Coordination Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America (in Spanish: Centro de Coordinación para la Prevención de los Desastres Naturales en América Central (CEPREDENAC)). CEPREDENAC was created in the context of the Central American Integration System (SICA). [3]


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