Copán Department

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Location of Copán department

Copán is one of the departments in the western part of Honduras. The departmental capital is the town of Santa Rosa de Copán. The department is well known for its tobacco and fine cigars.

The department is famous for its Pre-Columbian archaeological site at Copán, one of the greatest cities of the Maya civilization.

The department of Copán covers a total surface area of 3,203 km2 and, in 2005, had an estimated population of about 320,562 people.


  1. Cabañas
  2. Concepción
  3. Copán Ruinas
  4. Corquín
  5. Cucuyagua
  6. Dolores
  7. Dulce Nombre
  8. El Paraíso
  9. Florida
  10. La Ruidosa
  11. La Unión
  12. Nueva Arcadia
  13. San Agustín
  14. San Antonio
  15. San Jerónimo
  16. San José
  17. San Juan de Opoa
  18. San Nicolás
  19. San Pedro de Copán
  20. Santa Rita
  21. Santa Rosa de Copán
  22. Trinidad de Copán
  23. Veracruz, Copán

Coordinates: 14°46′N 88°47′W / 14.767°N 88.783°W / 14.767; -88.783