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Copa Bolivia
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2022 Copa Bolivia

La Copa Bolivia is an official football competition organized by the Bolivian Football Federation, which is played by the direct elimination system, the winner of which qualifies for a Copa Simón Bolívar.


La Copa Bolivia was first held in 1976 and is the oldest association football competition in Bolivia. Because it involves clubs of all standards playing against each other, there is the possibility for "minnows" from the lower divisions to become "giant-killers" by eliminating top clubs from the tournament and even theoretically win the Cup, although lower division teams rarely reach the final. In 2002 it was replaced and transformed into the current Aerosur Cup.[1] The tournament was created by the Bolivian National Football Association (ANF) so that the second of the associations had one more opportunity to qualify for National B, where promotion is played to the League. The initial game mode was aimed at classifying three teams to National B. It was played by the runner-up teams of the nine departmental associations, the runner-up of the Interprovincial Tournament and 2 teams as guests. The Bolivia Cup stopped being played as of the 2017 season. The ANF focused its argument on the fact that the clubs participating in the 2016 Bolivia Cup faced organizational problems, the lack of financial resources being the main obstacle. For the 2022 season of Bolivian soccer, the Bolivian Soccer Federation plans to hold three tournaments in the year, one of them the Bolivia Cup.


The competition is a knockout tournament with pairings for each round drawn at random – there are no seeds, and the draw for each round is not made until after the scheduled dates for the previous round. The draw also determines which teams will play at home.

There are a total of 5 rounds in the competition — six qualifying rounds, followed by two group stages, semi-finals, and the final. The competition begins in January with the Extra Preliminary Round, followed by the Preliminary Round and First Qualifying Round, which are contested by the lowest-ranked clubs. Finally, teams from the Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano enter at the Third Round, at which point there are 64 teams remaining in the competition. From 1976 to 1996 the final was played in the Estadio Hernando Siles.

Media coverage[edit]

The Copa Bolivia Final is one of 10 events reserved for live broadcast on Bolivia terrestrial television under the ITC Code on Sports and Other Listed Events.

In October 1998 La Liga manager announced that ATB, Canal 7 and Unitel Bolivia would show an additional match (For example: the Second Qualifying round, the Group Stage and also the Final).

List of championships[edit]

Copa Bolivia[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up
1976 Jorge Wilstermann Deportivo Municipal
1977 The Strongest Oriente Petrolero
1978 Oriente Petrolero Guabirá
1979 Bolivar Chaco Petrolero
1980 Deportivo Warnes Bolivar
1981 Mariscal Braun Unión Central
1982 Unión Central Guabirá
1983 Blooming Oriente Petrolero
1984 The Strongest Fraternidad Tigres
1985 Litoral Oriente Petrolero
1986 Oriente Petrolero Universitario
1987 Blooming Oruro Royal
1988 Oriente Petrolero The Strongest
1989 Bolivar Jorge Wilstermann
1990 Bolivar Real Potosí
1991 Jorge Wilstermann Ferroviaro
1992 Oriente Petrolero Bolivar
1993 Oriente Petrolero 12 de Octubre
1994 Oriente Petrolero Bolivar
1995 Oriente Petrolero Universitario de Pando
1996 Atlético Ciclón ABB
1997 Oriente Petrolero The Strongest
1998 Jorge Wilstermann Blooming
1999 Oriente Petrolero Bolivar
2000 The Strongest Guabirá
2001 Bolivar Real Santa Cruz
2002 Oriente Petrolero Jorge Wilstermann
2022 Cancelled by the FBF[2]

Results by team (Copa Bolivia)[edit]

Club Titles Runners-up Seasons won Seasons runner-up
Oriente Petrolero 10 3 1978, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2002 1977, 1983, 1985
Bolívar 4 4 1979, 1989, 1990, 2001 1980, 1992, 1994, 1999
Jorge Wilstermann 3 2 1976, 1991, 1998 1989, 2002
The Strongest 3 2 1977, 1984, 2000 1988, 1997
Blooming 2 1 1983, 1987 1998
Unión Central 1 1 1982 1981
Deportivo Warnes 1 0 1980
Mariscal Braun 1 0 1981
Litoral 1 0 1985
Ciclón 1 0 1996
Guabirá 0 3 1978, 1982, 2000
Deportivo Municipal 0 1 1976
Chaco Petrolero 0 1 1979
Fraternidad Tigres 0 1 1984
Universitario 0 1 1986
Oruro Royal 0 1 1987
Real Potosí 0 1 1990
Ferroviaro 0 1 1991
12 de Octubre 0 1 1993
Universitario de Pando 0 1 1995
ABB 0 1 1996
Real Santa Cruz 0 1 2001

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