Copa Master de CONMEBOL

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Copa Masters CONMEBOL
Tournament details
Host country Brazil
City Cuiabá
Dates February 8 - February 12
Teams 4 (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s) 1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Brazil São Paulo (1st title)
Runners-up Brazil Atlético Mineiro
Tournament statistics
Matches played 3
Goals scored 13 (4.33 per match)
Top scorer(s) Brazil Almir (5 goals)

The Copa Masters CONMEBOL (English: CONMEBOL Masters Cup, Portuguese: Copa Master da Conmebol or Supercopa Conmebol) was a football club competition contested by the 4 past winners of the Copa CONMEBOL at the time. The cup is one of the many inter-South American club competitions that have been organised by CONMEBOL. It was played from February 8 to February 12, 1996, and it was contested in the city of Cuiabá with the participations of Atlético Mineiro, Botafogo, São Paulo, and Rosario Central. São Paulo won the competition after defeating Atlético Mineiro in the final 3-0.

Eligible teams[edit]

Only four editions of the Copa CONMEBOL had been played by early 1996 and all four champions participated.

Brazil Atlético Mineiro 1992 Copa CONMEBOL winner
Brazil Botafogo 1993 Copa CONMEBOL winner
Brazil São Paulo 1994 Copa CONMEBOL winner
Argentina Rosario Central 1995 Copa CONMEBOL winner

Tournament overview[edit]

Semi-finals Final
8 February – Cuiabá
 Brazil São Paulo 7  
 Brazil Botafogo 3  
12 February – Cuiabá
     Brazil São Paulo 3
   Brazil Atlético Mineiro 0
9 February - Cuiabá
 Brazil Atlético Mineiro (pen) 0 (10)
 Argentina Rosario Central 0 (9)  


São Paulo Brazil 7 – 3 Brazil Botafogo
Valdir Bigode Goal 6'38'
Almir Goal 12'31'55'
Ailton Goal 72'
Edmílson Goal 73'
Túlio Goal 33'48' (pen.)52' (pen.)

Atlético Mineiro Brazil 0 – 0 Argentina Rosario Central
10 – 9


São Paulo Brazil 3 – 0 Brazil Atlético Mineiro
Almir Goal 9'51'
Valdir Bigode Goal 68'


5 goals
3 goals
1 goal

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