Copa Verde

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Copa Verde
Copa Verde logo.png
Founded 2014
Region Brazil
Number of teams 18
Current champions Mato Grosso Luverdense (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Federal District (Brazil) Brasília
Mato Grosso Cuiabá
Mato Grosso Luverdense
Pará Paysandu
(1 title each)
Television broadcasters TV Esporte Interativo
Website Official website
2017 Copa Verde

The Copa Verde (English: Green Cup) is an annual regional knockout football competition that started in 2014 and played by 16 teams from the North and Central-West regions, plus Espírito Santo (Espírito Santo state was included because they competed in the old Copa Centro Oeste).[1][2] Initially, the champion of the tournament gained a place in the next year's Copa Sudamericana. With the changes implemented by CONMEBOL in 2016 causes a competition no longer qualify in Copa Sudamericana from edition.[3] The champion will now have a spot in the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil of the following year. The cup will be organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), with two-legged playoff games played from February to May between the 18 participating teams.[2]


The tournament was created with the purpose of making a North Region version of the Copa do Nordeste, hence the name Verde, meaning green, is an allusion to the Amazon Forest.[1] The competition was expanded to include clubs from the Central-West Region and from Espírito Santo state (as the state competed in the defunct Copa Centro-Oeste).[4] The competition was officially announced in September by the competitions director of the Brazilian Football Confederation.[5]


The Brazilian Sports Ministry and the television channel TV Esporte Interativo, who will broadcast the cup, will pay the traveling costs for the participating clubs.[1][2]

List of champions[edit]

List of Copa Verde finals
Year Winner Score Runner-up Venue Attendance Losing semi-finalists1
2014 Federal District (Brazil) Brasília 1–2 Pará Paysandu Estádio Olímpico do Pará, Belém 18,256 Federal District (Brazil) Brasiliense and Pará Remo
Federal District (Brazil) Brasília 2–1 Pará Paysandu Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasília 51,701
3–3 on aggregate; Brasília won 7–6 in a penalty shootout.2
2015 Mato Grosso Cuiabá 1–4 Pará Remo Estádio Olímpico do Pará, Belém 34,973 Mato Grosso Luverdense and Pará Paysandu
Mato Grosso Cuiabá 5–1 Pará Remo Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá 3,315
Cuiabá won 6–5 on aggregate.
2016 Pará Paysandu 2–0 Federal District (Brazil) Gama Estádio Olímpico do Pará, Belém 26,610 Goiás Aparecidense and Pará Remo
Pará Paysandu 1–2 Federal District (Brazil) Gama Estádio Walmir Campelo Bezerra, Gama 9,090
Paysandu won 3–2 on aggregate.
2017 Mato Grosso Luverdense 3–1 Pará Paysandu Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá 1,853 Rondônia Rondoniense and Amapá Santos
Mato Grosso Luverdense 1–1 Pará Paysandu Estádio Olímpico do Pará, Belém 26,653
Luverdense won 4–2 on aggregate.
Note 1: Losing semi-finalists are listed in alphabetical order.
Note 2: On July 28, 2014, the 2014 Copa Verde title was awarded to Paysandu, due to irregularities on the squad of Brasília.[6] Brasília appealed against this decision and obtained a suspension which reversed this decision temporarily.[7] A final decision by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) declared Brasília as the champion.[8]


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