Bossier Parish School Board

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Bossier Parish School Board
Benton, Louisiana, Bossier Parish
United States

Bossier Parish School Board is a school district headquartered in Benton, Louisiana, United States. The Superintendent of Bossier Schools is, as of 2009, D.C. Machen. The district serves Bossier Parish.


The first school built by Bossier Parish School Board was Benton High School in 1890. By 1905 It had three teachers and one graduating class. The school taught grades 6–12 with no more than 25 students per grade, with some grades missing students. In May 1969 the Supreme Court issued Desegregation in schools. The only black school in Benton, C.H. Irion High School, became Benton Elementary School; for the first time in Bossier School History blacks and whites were able to go to the same school. Benton High School currently teaches grades 9–12.[1]


Bossier Parish Schools was criticized when staff emails were published displaying a cavalier attitude about teaching creationism directly from the bible to students. One teacher, Carolyn Goodwin, mentioned that "We pray at school functions and probably break the law all the time!!” [2]

In September 2017 in reaction to the protests by professional athletes during the playing of "The Star Spangled Banner", the superintendent of the Bossier Parish School Board Scott Smith released a statement requiring all athletes at schools in the parish to stand for during the playing of the anthem. The statement said, "Our principals and their coaching staffs have sole discretion in determining consequences should a student athlete elect not to stand during the National Anthem and they are making their expectations known to players and their families this week." [3] A letter to parents and students signed by the principal of Parkway High School outlined punishments ranging from a one-game suspension or physical punishments such as extra running for failure to comply to removal from the team for continued protests.[4]

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6-12 schools[edit]

High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]


Elementary schools[edit]


  • Bossier Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Central Park Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Carrie Martin Elementary School (Plain Dealing)
  • Plantation Park Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Meadowview Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Waller Elementary School (Bossier City)



  • Curtis Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Princeton Elementary School (Princeton)


  • Benton Elementary School (Benton)


  • Bellaire Elementary School (Bossier City)
  • Sun City Elementary School (Bossier City)


  • Platt Elementary School (South Bossier City)


  • T. L. Rodes Elementary School (South Bossier City)


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