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Three Copenhagen cans; Straight, Wintergreen and Southern Blend
A can of Copenhagen Long Cut Mint moist snuff

Copenhagen is a brand of dipping tobacco made by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

Packaging and cuts[edit]

The product is available in pouches and different cuts of tobacco, including Fine Cut, Long Cut, and Extra Long Cut. Copenhagen Original Snuff, Long Cut, and pouches come in a 1.2 can now made with a fiberboard bottom and metal lid, however a few flavors still use the plastic bottom. The brand also offers other flavors like Wintergreen, Mint, Straight, Original, Southern Blend, and, seasonally, Black; all are available in long-cut, fine-cut, and pouches except for Black and Southern Blend. If it is offered as tax-exempt for use outside the US, the original flavor is packaged in an all-fiberboard-bottom can with a tin lid, while all the rest of the flavors have a plastic can with the same lid as the original.

Copenhagen dipping tobacco delivers varying contents of nicotine, depending on the cut.

Differences among types[edit]

In 2006, Copenhagen's marketing team introduced "Cope" as a side brand. While two of the flavors introduced with this side brand were unique, Long Cut Straight was already offered under the main Copenhagen branding. "Cope" was marketed as being a premium tobacco, with a higher price to match its increase in the quality of the tobacco. Cope brand was discontinued in 2017.


Copenhagen has two levels of pricing within its line. Snuff, Original, Long-Cut, Original Pouches, and Weyman's Reserve are considered premium level. In the United States, premium line dips are priced about one to two dollars more than their sub-premium counterparts, and all except the Weyman's Reserve come in fiberboard-bottom cans. The remaining flavors, Straight, Mint, Wintergreen, Natural, and Southern Blend, fall into a sub-premium level.


A can of Cope Whiskey Blend and Cope Smooth Hickory
  • 1822: George Weyman begins producing Copenhagen Snuff in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • 1922: After a series of acquisitions and breakups, the company is renamed United States Tobacco Company.
  • 1934: United States Tobacco Company introduces Skoal Wintergreen — the first of its kind for the company.
  • 1968: Copenhagen introduces Copenhagen Snuff in a can.
  • 1983: Skoal Bandits is introduced, breaking ground for Copenhagen to have its own brand of pouches.
  • 1984: Skoal Long Cut is introduced, again a first for UST.
  • 1997: Copenhagen Long Cut is introduced.
  • 2001: Copenhagen Pouches (original flavor) is introduced.
  • 2002: Copenhagen Mid Cut Black (Bourbon Flavored) is introduced.
  • 2009: Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut is introduced.
  • 2011: Copenhagen Wintergreen Pouches is introduced.
  • 2012: Copenhagen Southern Blend is introduced (only Eastern US)
  • 2013: Copenhagen Mint Long Cut and Mint are introduced in test markets.[1]
  • 2016: Copenhagen Mint Long Cut and Pouches are introduced nationwide.
  • 2017: Copenhagen Weyman's Reserve is introduced.
  • 2017: Copenhagen Smooth Mint and Copenhagen Smooth Wintergreen are introduced in Pennsylvania for test marketing. They have yet to be released in any other states.
  • 2018: Copenhagen Southern Blend is introduced nationwide.
  • 2019: Copenhagen Smooth Wintergreen released nationwide


  • Copenhagen Original Snuff (Fine Cut): introduced in 1822
  • Copenhagen Original Long Cut: introduced in 1997
  • Copenhagen Original Pouches: introduced in 2001
  • Copenhagen Mid Cut Black (discontinued): released in April 2011[2] Replaced by Long Cut Black.
  • Cope Long Cut Whiskey Blend (discontinued): released September 17, 2007[3]
  • Cope Long Cut Smooth Hickory (discontinued): released September 17, 2007
  • Cope Long Cut Straight (discontinued): released September 17, 2007
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen: introduced in November 2009[4]
  • Copenhagen Extra Long Cut Natural: introduced in 2010[5]
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Straight: released in 2010[5]
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Black (discontinued)
  • Copenhagen Wintergreen Pouches
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Southern Blend
  • Copenhagen Long Cut Mint: released in March 2016
  • Copenhagen Mint Pouches: released in March 2016
  • Copenhagen Weyman's Reserve: released in late 2017
  • Copenhagen Smooth Mint: released as a test product to Pennsylvania in late 2017
  • Copenhagen Smooth Wintergreen: released as a test product to Pennsylvania in late 2017, and again in late 2018 to a wider market


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