Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Station

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Copenhagen Airport train station.
Lufthavnen metro station

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Station (Danish: Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup Station) is a railway station in Tårnby, Denmark, served by DSB’s regional trains including the Oresundtrain network. The nearby Lufthavnen metro station is served by the Copenhagen Metro’s line M2. The reconstructed railway station opened on 28 September 2007, and Metro service began the following month. The stations take their names from Copenhagen Airport, to which they are connected. It is linked to Ørestad station on the M1 line by DSB regional trains. It is located in fare zone 4.

The airport’s railway station is the closest to the check-in and arrival area in Terminal 3. It is located below ground under Terminal 3. It is served by the following types of trains:

Temporarily (at least planned so) during first half of 2016, Sweden requires train and bus transport companies entering Sweden to perform full identity check of every passenger, because of the European migrant crisis.[1] For that reason the Southern platform is used only for departures to Sweden, with border checks at openings in fence erected along the platform. All arrivals and all departures to Denmark use the Northern platform. Only the regional trains towards Helsingør and Sweden use Copenhagen Airport station, all other trains do not go here during this period.

Lufthavnen (‘Airport’) metro station is located slightly further off than the railway station, at the far end of Terminal 3 on the level 2. The metro connects to Nørreport Station and Vanløse station.


  1. ^ Border controls start on Sweden-Denmark bridge

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Coordinates: 55°37′47″N 12°38′57″E / 55.62972°N 12.64917°E / 55.62972; 12.64917