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Copenhagen Christian Center is a multicultural Church/Congregation in Copenhagen, Denmark expressed in many Communities and Groups. Its vision is to Waves of People experiencing Life Transformation.

Copenhagen Christian Center[1] is a mixed group, ranging from 30 to 40 different nationalities, including different languages (our members have English as a common language, many have it as their second or even third language) without mentioning the different Christian traditions and faith liturgy.Copenhagen Christian Center has existed since 1992 and have been active through different immigration trends in Denmark.Copenhagen Christian Center is a part of Pinsekirken København/ København KulturCenter since its origin.

Its mission, dreams and goal.[edit]

The purpose of the Copenhagen Christian Center is to be a church that will cross all national, cultural and language barriers. Copenhagen Christian Center is ""[2] International department. Copenhagen Christian Center is directed to be an English-speaking congregation, in a non-English speaking environment. We do not see ourselves as being isolated from the society. Copenhagen Christian Center sees the foreigners coming together in a time of strengthening, encouragement and support in how each can integrate into our immediate society.

Focus on Different groups[edit]

The First group[edit]

Is the first generation immigrants, Copenhagen Christian Center have a good number of immigrants that came to Denmark as professionals, students, tourists, marriage to Danish people, etc...

The Second Group[edit]

Is those who were born in Denmark from immigrants also known as Nydansker. In this regard the focus of Copenhagen Christian Center on children is in the Danish language as Danish is they primary language.

The third group[edit]

Is the ethnic Danish people who join Copenhagen Christian Center. There have been marriage to immigrants, lived abroad and feel at home in an international environment and

Integration in a cultural and religious Melting-pot[edit]

As people more and more have an access to travel and more often Europe have becoming a not only a cross road but a melting-pot and organizations such Copenhagen Christian Center promote dialog and understanding between Christians of different traditions and other religious groups.

Wedding, Coaching and Counseling[edit]

Copenhagen Christian Center services and support is broad. From wedding preparation with focus in cross cultural marriages, coaching for students and counseling for those in crises.

Social Network in a new country[edit]

Copenhagen Christian Center is network based with the purpose to connect people with the same interests, background and preferences. Fighting the social isolation that immigrants suffers causing many crises and slowing integration.

All over Europe[edit]

Churches and Christian communities like Copenhagen Christian Center can be found all over Europe. They are increasing in number in main cities in Europe. Organisations such FEIC[3] try to connect these communities. They are characterized by ethnic groups, gathering around a common culture and backhome identity or in Language group gathering block of nations. ex. Spanish, English, Russian, French and Swahili

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