Copenhagen Records

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Copenhagen Records
Parent companyUniversal Music Group
Founded5 January 2004 (2004-01-05)
Country of origin Denmark

Copenhagen Records is a Danish record label formed on 5 January 2004[1] by former EMI Recorded Music Denmark staff members to give artists more artistic autonomy.[2] It houses artists spread over a wide range of genres, from rock to rap, and from pop artists to comedians.

In September 2011, Universal Music Group acquires Copenhagen Records, along with the rest of MBO Group.[3] The label operates as one of UMG's standalone labels.


In 2003, EMI-Medley had a 40% share on the Danish music market.[4] Days after Medley-founder Michael Ritto announced he would depart in February 2004, other senior staff members also left. Among them were former EMI Denmark head of A&R Nick Foss and former Capitol/Medley GM Mik Christensen, who had both worked at EMI for 19 years and long wanted to start a company of their own, but who had been persuaded by Ritto to hold off those plans.[4] Former Medley marketing manager Jakob Sørensen and former A&R manager Christian Backman set up operations; Foss and Christensen joined on 1 April 2004.[4] Christensen explained that Copenhagen Records had the aim "to recruit and develop quality Danish musicians. Sales of Danish artists have not dipped nearly as much as international acts [in Denmark]."[4] The label also had the direct intention to create a strong local competitor against the established multinational labels.[1]

In 2008, Christensen and Foss left Copenhagen Records and started Mermaid Records, which is largely owned by Sony Music Entertainment Denmark.[5][6] After Sørensen and Backman left the company in 2013, the position of CEO was taken over by Torben Ravn, who was a product manager at Copenhagen Records since 2007.[7]

Copenhagen Records is market leader in Denmark on local repertoire and runs as a 360 label.[citation needed] Copenhagen Records also includes Copenhagen Music, a booking agency which primarily facilitates bookings for the artists on the label, and Copenhagen Publishing.


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