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Copernicus Publications
Status Active
Founded 1994 (1994)
Country of origin Germany
Headquarters location Göttingen
Distribution Worldwide
Publication types Scientific journals
Nonfiction topics Earth science
Official website

Copernicus Publications (also: Copernicus GmbH) is a publisher of scientific literature based in Göttingen, Germany.[1] Founded in 1994, Copernicus Publications currently publishes 28 peer-reviewed open access scientific journals and other publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union.

Copernicus Publications is part of the open-access publishing movement. Initially, the CC-BY-NC was used. In 2007, they switched to the CC-BY attribution license.[2] Copernicus Publications has been described as the largest open access publisher in the Geo- and Earth system sciences,[3] and it is known as one of the first publishers to embrace public peer review.[4]

In 2014, one of their journals was terminated under allegations of nepotistic reviewing and malpractice; see Pattern Recognition in Physics#History for details.

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