Copland (company)

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private limited company
Industry High-End Audio Equipment
Founded mid-1980s
Headquarters Ryesgade 25 D, 2200 København, Denmark
Key people
Olé Möller
Products Hi-fi equipment, Audio-visual equipment

Copland is a Danish audio company that was established in the mid-1980s by Olé Möller. Their main product line include both valve and solid-state amplifiers. In addition to two-channel amplification, they also have amplifiers designed for home cinema applications.

The first products were the CT401 and CT501 amplifiers, which won praise for their build and sound quality. Their current product range includes only one source component, which is a compact disc player.

The company also introduced a Digital Room Correction (DRC) system, which uses time-domain based techniques to generate anti-reflection signals to counteract room resonances and cancellations. It is based on Dynaton's DDRC module.