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This article is about the German band. For the character in the ballet, see Coppélia.
Coppelius Rockharz 2015 01.jpg
Coppelius during a concert at Rockharz Open Air 2015 in Germany
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Cello metal
Years active 1997—present
Labels F.A.M.E. Recordings
Members Max Coppella
Graf Lindorf
Comte Caspar
Sissy Voss

Coppelius is a German band which plays metal on drums, double bass, cello and clarinet. Their name is taken from E.T.A. Hoffmann’s "Der Sandmann". Their logo consists of a top hat with the word "Coppelius" underneath. The band members are Max Coppella (clarinet and vocals), Comte Caspar (clarinet, vocals, harpsichord), Graf Lindorf (cello, vocals), Sissy Voss (double bass), Nobusama (drums) and Bastille (Butler, vocals). They are often also accompanied by Prof. Mosch Terpin (technician and harpsichord). On stage they wear formal, old-fashioned clothes, inspired mainly by the Victorian era like many of their songs. This is why they are often referred to as a Steampunk band.


  • Albums
    • 2007: Time-Zeit
    • 2009: Tumult
    • 2010: Zinnober
    • 2013: Extrablatt
    • 2015: Hertzmaschine
  • EPs
    • 2003: Coppelius
    • 2004: 1803
    • 2005: To My Creator
    • 2005: Frühe Werke (box set of all three EPs)
  • Videos
    • 2005: I Get Used To It
    • 2007: Morgenstimmung
    • 2009: Habgier
    • 2010: Die Glocke
    • 2011: Risiko
    • 2012: I Told You So
    • 2013: Spieldose


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