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Copper is a reddish-colored metallic element, widely used in manufacturing and industry.

Copper may also refer to:


  • Lycaeninae, a family of butterflies commonly called the coppers
    • Copper Ant-blue, found in Australia, from southern Queensland to Victoria
    • Copper Pencil-blue, found along the east coast of Australia, including South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria
  • The Copper Underwing (Amphipyra pyramidea), is a moth of the family Noctuidae, distributed across the Palaearctic region
  • Copper shark, the common name for Carcharhinus brachyurus, also known as the bronze whaler or narrowtooth shark
  • The copper-colored restrepia, a copper-colored orchid
  • The Copperhead may refer to any of three different species of snakes:
    • Agkistrodon contortrix, a venomous pit viper species found in parts of North America
    • Austrelaps, a genus of venomous elapids found in southern Australia and Tasmania
    • Elaphe radiata, known as the Copperhead Rat Snake, a non-venomous species found in southern Asia
  • Copper (adder), a venomous pitviper subspecies found in the eastern United States




  • Copper Kent (1891–c.1966), Australian rugby union player




  • A brew kettle for making beer
  • Copper Age, a phase in human technological development
  • Copper ale, a style of beer
  • Copper Project, a cloud-based project management software tool
  • Copper Riot, a major riot which took place in Moscow in 1662
  • Copper, British or Australian slang for a Police officer, hence the North American 'cop'
  • Telecommunications jargon for twisted pair connections
  • The Manhattan Project's codename for plutonium. Actual copper was called "honest-to-God copper" (a pun on the slang for police officer)
  • A coin of low value, brown or copper colored
  • A large copper vessel used for heating water and laundry (archaic)
  • Copper, short for "co-processor", part of the original Amiga chipset
  • Copper, the name of the hound in novel The Fox and the Hound
  • Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, also known as COPPeR
  • Copper, an ornamental sheet of metal used by the indigenous tribes of the North American West Coast region, and a symbolic representation of a slave.

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