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Copper Coast Wines
Location Moonta Bay, South Australia
Opened 2005
Owned by Copper Coast Wines Pty Ltd- Chief brewer: Richard Hasse Davis
Active beers
Name Type
Swanky Beer
Miner's Light Light beer

Copper Coast Wines is a South Australian brewer founded in 2005 to supply beer for the biennial Kernewek Lowender Festival held in the Copper Coast region of South Australia.[citation needed]

Copper Coast Wines have produced a beer named Swanky for every biennial Kernewek Lowender Festival since 2005 - thus continuing the tradition of brewing Swanky for this Cornish Festival since 1973.[citation needed]


All of the Company's boutique brewed products are produced under the strict supervision of the owner and chief brewer Richard Hasse Davis OAM, according to traditional secret family recipes and processes.

Swanky beer[edit]

Swanky beer is a bottle conditioned beer produced by Copper Coast Wines in Australia for the biennial Copper Coast region Kernewek Lowender Cornish Festival,[1] held in May in alternate (odd numbered) years.

Heritage labels[edit]

Swanky has been bottled with a variety of commemorative and heritage labels, depicting historic life on the Copper Coast.[citation needed]

Miner's Light[edit]

This is a light beer, brewed in the same traditional way as Swanky, but with a lower alcohol content.

History of Swanky[edit]

During the 19th century, many Cornish miners emigrated to the Copper Coast region of South Australia to work in the copper mines at Moonta.

They brought with them local traditions, such as Cornish pasties and home brewed beer they termed "Swanky beer".[2]

Home-brewed Swanky was brewed from various ingredients, including malted barley, hops, yeast, brown sugar, ginger, raisins and soft rainwater. It was put into beer bottles with the tops tied down with twine and stored in the coolest place in the house until ready. and served on festive occasions, such as Easter, Midwinter's Night (Bonfire Night) and Christmas.[citation needed]

Modern Swanky beer is brewed using traditional brewing techniques to produce a refreshing full flavoured beer.[citation needed]

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