Copper Harbor Cemetery

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Copper Harbor Cemetery
Copper Harbor Cemetery is located in Michigan
Copper Harbor Cemetery
Location of Copper Harbor Cemetery in Michigan
Location US 41, west of M-26, Copper Harbor
Coordinates 47°28′01″N 87°53′46″W / 47.467°N 87.896°W / 47.467; -87.896Coordinates: 47°28′01″N 87°53′46″W / 47.467°N 87.896°W / 47.467; -87.896
Founded 1853
Designated January 8, 1981

The Copper Harbor Cemetery is a cemetery located on US 41 west of M-26 in Copper Harbor, Michigan.[1] It was listed as a Michigan State Historic Site on January 8, 1981.[1]

Burials occurred from 1853 through 1926.[1] Twelve graves are marked with dates prior to 1900.[1]

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