Copper Hills High School

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Copper Hills High School
Copper Hills Logo.png
5445 New Bingham Highway
West Jordan, UT 84088
Coordinates 40°35′39″N 112°01′11″W / 40.59417°N 112.01972°W / 40.59417; -112.01972Coordinates: 40°35′39″N 112°01′11″W / 40.59417°N 112.01972°W / 40.59417; -112.01972
Type Public
Motto "A Full Spectrum of Educational Opportunities"
Established 1995
School district Jordan School District
President Barry L. Newbold
Principal Ethan Van Komen
Grades 10-12
Number of students 2,500+[1]
Color(s) Forest green, navy blue
Athletics Football, basketball, men’s soccer, swimming
Mascot Grizzly

Copper Hills High School is located in West Jordan, Utah, United States, situated just east of the Oquirrh Mountains in the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley near the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. It is part of the Jordan School District. This modern educational facility opened its doors in the fall of 1995 and has an enrollment of 2,424.[3]

The school operates on a rotating A/B block schedule consisting of 84-minute class periods.[4]


Copper Hills offers concurrent enrollment classes at the school via Salt Lake Community College. Students enrolled in such classes must do so at the college campus, which then gives the high school the information provided by the student. Students attend the college-level classes at Copper Hills for either a quarter, semester, or full year (depending on the class). Credit is received based on overall grade performance and, in most cases, a cumulative exam of the information learned in the class. Additionally, Copper Hills offers nationwide Advanced Placement (AP) classes to its students.

Copper Hills offers clubs and extracurricular activities including American Sign Language, Cheerleading, Chess Club, Dance, Debate, DECA/FBLA, Drama, Future Farmers of America, French Club,[5] Chasms literary magazine, Yearbook, FCCLA, Social Ballroom Dance, Student Government, Band, National Honors Society, Newspaper, Skills USA/VICA, Spanish language Club, Technology Student Association, and Science Club.

Copper Hills has a history of continuously striving to implement and improve programs to best address student needs. Starting in the 2006-2007 school year, the school required students to take "Partner Adults With Students" (PAWS). PAWS was a mandatory 30-minute class taken every Wednesday where students discussed concerns/issues with their teachers, who would provide further instruction on a provided topic.

Starting in the 2007-2008 school year, Copper Hills included five academies within the school: Business and Information Technology, Performing Arts/Crafts, Industry/Mathematics and Science, English/Social Studies, and Athletics. All students were required to choose an academy. The school grouped students of the same academy to take classes geared toward that particular academy.

At one point, Copper Hills was the only high school in the district with a late-start schedule. This modification was created after student surveys revealed that over 80% of students held after-school jobs.[6] Currently, Copper Hills' schedule includes a homeroom class on Mondays and late start on Fridays. In homeroom, students are grouped with others in their same grade, and continue to meet with the same group during their three years at the school (a change made in the 2013-2014 school year). Friday late start schedules allow time for teachers to meet and collaborate across the school and across departments.

Test scores[edit]

American College Test (ACT) The ACT includes testing in the areas of Math, Science, Reading and English. Scale scores range from 1 (low) to 36 (high) for each of the four tests and for the composite. The composite score is the average of the four test scores, rounded to the nearest whole number.

School year 2004–2005 2003–2004 2002–2003 2001–2002 2000–2001
School composite 21.7 21.3 21.1 21.4 21.4
District composite 22.0 22.0 21.8 21.8 21.8
Utah composite 21.5 21.5 21.3 21.4 21.4
National composite 20.9 20.9 20.8 20.8 21.0
Data is from Jordan School District website.

Advanced Placement Test (AP) Advanced Placement classes are college-level classes offered at the high school campus. Advanced Placement is a national program administered by the College Board. Many colleges and universities around the nation award credit based on scores on AP exams.

School year 2004–2005 2003–2004 2002–2003 2001–2002 2000–2001
School % passing 72 69 69 69 72
District % passing 70.9 75.2 70.8 70.0 70.3
State % passing 65.5 68.1 67.2 69.0 66.1
National % passing 59.6 61.6 61.7 63.0 61.6
Data is from Jordan School District website.

Orchestra program[edit]

The orchestra is led and conducted by Jenna Baumgart. It has achieved many state titles since 2002.

In the 2006-2007 school year, the Chamber Orchestra attended a tour of San Diego, California, playing Handel's Concerto Grosso 1 as well as Paul Hindemith's Acht Stuke. They achieved superior ratings at the Utah State level competition for orchestras held at Brigham.

Student Government[edit]

The Student Government of Copper Hills High is currently advised by Scott Adamson and Rae Boren.

The officer corps is made up of ten Student Body Officers and fifteen Class Officers, elected during April of each year.

Choir program[edit]

The Concert Choir and Madrigal choirs are lead and conducted by Marc Taylor, and have attained many region, state, and national titles.

The choral department is one of the largest in the school. It includes the Concert Choir (made up of more than 60 students), Madrigal Choir (made up of 20 to 28 students), Mixed Choir(made up of more than 60 students), Men's Choir and Ladies' Choir.


Region championships
  • 1998, boys' basketball
  • 2002, baseball
  • 2005, girls' cross country
  • 2006, girls' cross country
  • 2008, girls' golf
  • 2009, boys' soccer
  • 2010, boys' soccer
  • 2011, boys' soccer
  • 2012, softball
  • 2012, girls' track
  • 2012, drill team
  • 2013, drill team
  • 2013, girls track
  • 2014, drill team
  • 2015, drill team
  • 2015, wrestling
  • 2015, boys' track
  • 2015, softball
State championships
  • 2000, boys' basketball (5A)[7]
  • 2013, drill team
  • 2013, softball
  • 2013, color guard, AA division
  • 2014, drill team
  • 2014, color guard, Scholastic Regional A division
  • 2015, drill team
  • 2016, racquetball
National championships
  • 2010, drill team, 2nd at Nationals
  • 2011, drill team, 1st at Nationals

Dance controversy[edit]

In 2004, the school adopted a "policy requiring same-sex couples to get parental permission before attending school dances."[8] This prompted a complaint from the ACLU on December 7, 2004. Two weeks later, the school revoked the policy.[9]

Notable alumni[edit]


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