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Copperton is located in Northern Cape
Location of Copperton in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Copperton was a mining town in the central Karoo region of South Africa.

As a copper and zinc-mining area, Copperton saw its heyday between 1970 and the end of the 20th century, when it housed about 3,000 workers and their families; amenities included a school and recreation facilities, including a golf course.[1]

The copper-zinc mine at Copperton, which had been opened in 1972, was shut down in 1991 by the Anglovaal Mining Group.[2] The 2011 census found 57 inhabitants.[3] Today, most of the buildings have been demolished and only a few houses are used by Armscor, who operate a weapons testing center, Alkantpan Test Range, in the area.[1]

Renewable Power[edit]

Several new renewable energy projects (solar and wind) have been allocated through the REIPPPP and these projects will be constructed in the vicinity of this town.

Power plant Province Date
commissioned (planned)
Installed Capacity
Type Status Coordinates Operator Notes
Copperton Windfarm Northern Cape, Copperton (late 2017) (102) Wind Contracting 29°54′30″S 22°20′45″E / 29.908267°S 22.345848°E / -29.908267; 22.345848 (Copperton Wind Farm) Gestamp Wind [4][5][6]
Garob Wind Farm Northern Cape, Copperton (Oct 2018) (136) Wind Contracting 29°55′44″S 22°24′06″E / 29.928871°S 22.401696°E / -29.928871; 22.401696 (Garob Wind Farm) Enel Green Power [7]
Mulilo Renewable Energy Solar PV Prieska Northern Cape, Copperton 1 October 2014 19.93 Solar PV Operational 29°57′56.4″S 22°18′53.2″E / 29.965667°S 22.314778°E / -29.965667; 22.314778 (Mulilo Renewable Energy Solar PV Prieska) Mulilo Renewable Energy [8]
Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV Northern Cape, Copperton (Dec 2015) (75) Solar PV Under Construction 30°1′27.86″S 22°21′44.02″E / 30.0244056°S 22.3622278°E / -30.0244056; 22.3622278 (Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV) Mulilo Renewable Energy [9]
Mulilo Prieska PV Northern Cape, Copperton (Nov 2015) (75) Solar PV Under Construction 30°2′2.96″S 22°19′10.93″E / 30.0341556°S 22.3197028°E / -30.0341556; 22.3197028 (Mulilo Prieska PV) Mulilo Renewable Energy Area: 205 hectares
(2.05 km²)

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